Friday, May 8, 2009


Tomohon was also popular with its two mountains, one could say that Tomohon was located right at the foot of those two mountains, like an Indonesian popular song said that “ Disana Gunung Disini Gunung, Di tengah tengah Kembang Melati” ( A mountain is over there and A mountain is over here, in between was a beauty of jasmine flower), yes it was as what the song said, Tomohon was look like a beautiful of a jasmine flower lied between Mount and (LOKON (1.580 m) and Mount MAHAWU (1.311 m). The picture above is Mount Lokokn view from Tomohon bus terminal

When you have to travel to Manado, don't miss to you enjoy this cool and breeze small town from the beginning you enter this region if you are drive from Manado to the south via a steep hill road. On the way up hill you could see Manado Bay and its city from a high point above where it was also one of a fascinating view, on both side road you also could see houses with Minahasa style architecture made from woods, and so many colorfull of beauty flower along the main street of Tomohon

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