Saturday, May 30, 2009


BUNAKEN MARINE NATIONAL PARK was a cluster of islands which included Manado Tua, Bunaken, Siladen, Mantehage and Nain, those islands were a popular sea garden in Indonesia, a place which was well known among the tourist who enjoy its white sandy beach open to sea side of Manado Bay, the attendants coming to these islands not only for SWIMMING or SUN BATHING, but was also a popular place to discover the beauty of one world famous tropical marine life by SCUBA DIVING and SNORKELLING

MANADO TUA island was also one of favorite mountain for HIKING and CLIMBING where tourists could find a beautiful bird eye view of Manado Bay with its crystal clear blue water and small islands nearby, the picture above is Manado Tua seen from Kalasey beach.

Takes about 30 minutes by boats or ferry from Manado’s Seaport near Pasar 45 (empat lima market) to reach the beauty of INDONESIA’S tropical warm water diving site.

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