Saturday, May 30, 2009


BUNAKEN MARINE NATIONAL PARK was a cluster of islands which included Manado Tua, Bunaken, Siladen, Mantehage and Nain, those islands were a popular sea garden in Indonesia, a place which was well known among the tourist who enjoy its white sandy beach open to sea side of Manado Bay, the attendants coming to these islands not only for SWIMMING or SUN BATHING, but was also a popular place to discover the beauty of one world famous tropical marine life by SCUBA DIVING and SNORKELLING

MANADO TUA island was also one of favorite mountain for HIKING and CLIMBING where tourists could find a beautiful bird eye view of Manado Bay with its crystal clear blue water and small islands nearby, the picture above is Manado Tua seen from Kalasey beach.

Takes about 30 minutes by boats or ferry from Manado’s Seaport near Pasar 45 (empat lima market) to reach the beauty of INDONESIA’S tropical warm water diving site.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

DOG MEAT or popular as RINTEK WUUK (RW), is one of Minahasa’s Cooking.

Manado is one place in Indonesia beside Timor in Nusa Tenggara and Batak in North Sumatra in which the peoples consume dog meat on their menu. Rintek Wuuk abbreviated by RW is one of Minahasa’s popular cooking made from dog meat, a seller at Tomohon Market explained that Rintek Wuuk or RW means bulu halus or literally is an animal with smooth fur to say it was a dog.

In Tomohon Market, about 30 km south of Manado, one could find a stall that sell this kind of dog meat for RW Cooking, in one compound of the market one could see a butcher special for dogs and dogs are keep in cages, It was not a slaughter house but it was an open air place for slaughter dogs where dogs are slaughter in a such manner that the blood is not bleed out.

If one would try an RW cooking, just ask the meat seller, he would tell you a place called Kakas Kasen is Tomohon town center where one could find a restaurant with a special unique menu of Minahasa’s cooking.

Friday, May 8, 2009


Tomohon was also popular with its two mountains, one could say that Tomohon was located right at the foot of those two mountains, like an Indonesian popular song said that “ Disana Gunung Disini Gunung, Di tengah tengah Kembang Melati” ( A mountain is over there and A mountain is over here, in between was a beauty of jasmine flower), yes it was as what the song said, Tomohon was look like a beautiful of a jasmine flower lied between Mount and (LOKON (1.580 m) and Mount MAHAWU (1.311 m). The picture above is Mount Lokokn view from Tomohon bus terminal

When you have to travel to Manado, don't miss to you enjoy this cool and breeze small town from the beginning you enter this region if you are drive from Manado to the south via a steep hill road. On the way up hill you could see Manado Bay and its city from a high point above where it was also one of a fascinating view, on both side road you also could see houses with Minahasa style architecture made from woods, and so many colorfull of beauty flower along the main street of Tomohon

PANIKI a UNIQUE CUISINE made from smoked bats, find it at TOMOHON, a small city south of Manado

TOMOHON is a nice place in North Sulawesi Province, visitors could reach this cool small town by take a commuter transportation “ANGKOT” from pasar 45 ( empat lima market) or from a pathway along the Manado down town boulevard to a destination to an intercity bus terminal at KAROMBASAN, then from Karombasan take a bus with the destination to TOMOHON, drive as far as 30 km away from Manado to the South, through long, winding and steep hill road.

If you have a chance visiting Tomohon, don’t miss TOMOHON MARKET, just walking distance from a bus stop, a unique of Tomohon wet market was where there are stranded stalls which sell various kinds of vegetable and also between the veggies stall you could find some stall which sell Bats barbeque on their table.

Tomohon, was really uniQUE in line with a popular of Minahasa’s cuisine called PANIKI, a local cuisine made from a smoked bats, I would say that almost of the peoples here were prepare BATS as their food consumption, this is why I would also called them as BATMAN, the peoples who enjoy Paniki, a bats barbeque as one of their popular menu.