Sunday, May 10, 2009

DOG MEAT or popular as RINTEK WUUK (RW), is one of Minahasa’s Cooking.

Manado is one place in Indonesia beside Timor in Nusa Tenggara and Batak in North Sumatra in which the peoples consume dog meat on their menu. Rintek Wuuk abbreviated by RW is one of Minahasa’s popular cooking made from dog meat, a seller at Tomohon Market explained that Rintek Wuuk or RW means bulu halus or literally is an animal with smooth fur to say it was a dog.

In Tomohon Market, about 30 km south of Manado, one could find a stall that sell this kind of dog meat for RW Cooking, in one compound of the market one could see a butcher special for dogs and dogs are keep in cages, It was not a slaughter house but it was an open air place for slaughter dogs where dogs are slaughter in a such manner that the blood is not bleed out.

If one would try an RW cooking, just ask the meat seller, he would tell you a place called Kakas Kasen is Tomohon town center where one could find a restaurant with a special unique menu of Minahasa’s cooking.

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