Friday, April 10, 2009


Manado is the capital city of the North Sulawesi Province , located at the Bay of Manado, and is surrounded by a mountainous area. The municipality of Manado is divided into nine districts: Malalayang, Sario, Wanea, Wenang, Tikala, Singkil, Tuminting and Mapanget.

As you landed at Sam Ratulangi Air Port, Mount Klabat(1995 m) was the first who greet the attendants, it was the highest mountain in North Sulawesi as you could see in the picture above, Try walking up at night during a full moon and staying overnight to watch the sunrise. On Sundays and holidays Mt. Klabat. bustles with the activity of students and is needed a 5-6 hours climb beginning near the Police Station in Airmadidi.

Manado town center was 30 km aways from Sam Ratulangi Air Port, we could say that it was a never sleep city, the peoples activities not only on the day, but the life was going on until the dawn.
Manado was a beach front city, the main atraction was Manado Boulevard, it was Manado mainthoroughfare which was stretched along Manado Beach line, there are shopping malls, restaurants, cafe and music lounge and some historical site worth a visit, like World War Second Memorial, a memorial to commemorate the destruction of Manado which was heavily bombed and to honor the victims of World War II. It is located in the center of Manado next to Gereja Sentrum (City Center Church).

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