Saturday, August 18, 2007

Welcome to Bogor, Indonesia

(BOGOR, tempat yang indah untuk berlibur)
Bogor is a district of West Java Province, located 60 km south of Jakarta, the town has grown around 18th century, is famous for its Botanical Garden(Kebun Raya) which covers an area of 110 hectares and was founded in 1817 conceived by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffless, it is “a museum” of thousands of plant species from towering trees to an orchid house. Bogor is easy to reach from Jakarta, just take a train from Kota train station or from Gambir, it takes about an hour, then from Bogor train station to Bogor Botanical Garden or to President Palace, it was just 15 minutes walking distance to the east.

Here still stands the original “Hevea Braziliensis” rubber tree brought from Brazil around the middle of the 19th century, and the world’s largest flower “Rafflesia” which is named after the British colonial administrator Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles who died in 1826.

The Bogor Presidential Palace was built by the Dutch Governor General in 1745 originally and restored in 1832, it lied inside the Botanical Garden area.

In front of Bogor President Palace one could see some flocks of white spotted deer which roaming from one corner to another, those animals look cute and we could even touch the deer and could feeding them with a carrot or other vegetables


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